Snapshots from Argentina

Snapshots from Argentina

Late night dining Professional dog walkers in parks at dawn Huge slabs of lean steak, cooked to perfection Miles and miles of grassland Probably the best buses in the world Bob Marley, Che Guevara and the gap year crowd Butterflies of every colour and size Regular checks by unusually attractive police men and women  

My two favourite things…

My two favourite things...

Yesterday we took a bus out to Maipu, the biggest wine making region in Argentina, with 1,200 wineries producing 70% of the country’s wine. We hired bikes from Bikes and Wines, who seem to have the market cornered in combining two of the most pleasant things on earth – cycling on a lovely sunny day, […]

The Devil’s Throat

The Devil's Throat

We first heard about how good the buses are in South America when we looked into booking the trip and realised quite how big the continent is (did I ever mention the time I spent an hour on Google Maps, thinking “It doesn’t seem that far from Santiago to Peru” before realising the scale indicator […]

Street art

Street art

The first and last time I was in Buenos Aires my good friend Susie (who I had met all of two hours earlier en-route to Patagonia) suggested an excellent way to sample the city in the single night we had there. Steak first of course, or rather steak first for me. Susie, who now eats […]

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