Another day, another country…

Written by Stuart Revnell No Gravatar

Well this is all a bit weird.  Just over three week ago we were in Laos.  Then we went to Cambodia.  Stopped briefly in Sydney for three nights, and now we’re in New Zealand. We arrived a little late to make spending NZD$160 on a hotel room worthwhile, so opted for the airport floor route.  A surprisingly pleasant few hours, until we were rudely awoken by the imposing airport security man who came round at 07:00, looking like he was really enjoying waking the backpackers up by prodding them with his boot.

By the way, if you ever need to sleep in an airport, railway station or the like, try Isn’t the internet marvellous?

Very excited about picking our little camper van shortly, then hitting the road…more updates shortly.

3 Responses to “Another day, another country…”

  1. SusieNo Gravatar says:

    classy , jane and stuart, reminds me of Buenos Aires airport floor, :-)

  2. SusieNo Gravatar says:

    also wish the internet existed when I was back packing in Europe in 1986, would have saved a lot of hassle at train stations

  3. JeffNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sure the hotel would have had a rubbish bed anyway :-)

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