Snapshots from life on the road

Written by Jane Harris No Gravatar

Tomorrow we give up our lovely Jucy Crib camper van after a fortnight on the road.  What a great way to see the country.  The important numbers …

  • Distance covered – 2,336 km
  • Ratio in which we took responsibility for the driving (and will therefore take responsibiliy for paying the speeding fines) – 3:1
  • Height climbed – 1,076 m
  • Uphill speed – 35 km/hour
  • Sheep passed – 74,081
  • Size of in-van cinema screen – 8 inches
  • Films watched – 14
  • Sticks of salami mislaid somewhere in the van – 1
  • Shooting stars spotted – 3
  • Jump starts required – 2

2 Responses to “Snapshots from life on the road”

  1. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Who is the 3 and who is the 1 in relation to the speeding fines?! xx

  2. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    Great website

    You both look like you are having a dreadful time. Please accept my sympathies.


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