It had to happen

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The final day of our jeep tour, and the sight we travelled so far to see – the vast salt plains of Uyuni. The salt covers around 2,000 sq km and is currently 9 metres deep.

Despite our best efforts to avoid the comedy photographs beloved by some of our fellow travellers (the Taj Mahal held between the finger tips, the setting sun nestled in open palms, people pretending to hold up the sloping temple walls at Angkor…), there was no way we could avoid it today.

And rather good fun it was too – the pure white salt, stretching flat as far as the eye could see, gave us an unparallelled opportunity for such classics as ‘Jane hammers Stuart into the ground’ and ‘Stuart stamps on Jane’.

Don’t worry – fractious as we might have been after three days cooped up in a jeep, we still managed ‘Big Stuart kisses small Jane as she stands on his palm’.


3 Responses to “It had to happen”

  1. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Amazing photos – how did you get the effects?? Came on to see if you’d be on Skype – e mail me and let me know what’s likely to be a good time to catch up. xx

  2. SusieNo Gravatar says:

    b….dy brilliant, as usual, loving the pics

  3. Steve RobertsNo Gravatar says:

    You guys are having such an amazing time! the photos form the salt plains are fab!
    Take care, and continue to enjoy!
    Steve & Dora x

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