Ayahuasca ceremony 2

Written by Stuart Revnell No Gravatar

The next night, we assembled in the maloka once more.  I was dreading drinking the brew, and my stomach felt knotted up with anxiety at the memory of the taste.  When it came, though, I swallowed it quickly, took a gulp of water, then rinsed my mouth out as quickly as possible, relieved not to have thrown the medicine up straight away and have to drink another dose.

Something felt different this night.  Steve had told us there was a Scorpio full moon, which meant that you could ask for anything no longer helping you in your life to be purged from you.  I’m not a believer in astrology, but I did feel somehow more ready to have a journey, and I felt myself consciously trying to relax my mind and let the experience in.  After about an hour, the shaman began to sing an icaro, and I focused on the beautiful melody, trying to let it into my head and take me where I needed to go.

I began to see things.  As with the previous night, the visions seemed to be of a technical nature – I saw insects in great detail, and something which hinted at their complexity.  I saw the hexagons on the surface of a fly’s eye, which then transformed into an orange pattern with what seemed to be a mechanical animal superimposed on it, a bit like Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss.

My body felt as if there were some kind of energy in it too.  Sometimes my mouth would open wide, and it felt like my jaw was struggling to dislocate itself to take in breath as a vision came.   I could hear myself moan at times, and it sounded like a cross between discomfort and awe at the hint of what might be revealed to me.

After a while, the English man next to me began to cry – softly at first, then with deep, racking sobs.  The strangest thing then happened.  I felt myself waking up, but in a slight trance-like feeling, and reaching out to him.  I raised myself up onto my hands, and angled my body towards his as he sobbed.  I felt exhausted, and wanted to lie down, but felt compelled to face him.  As he cried, I felt myself taking deep breaths in, and felt my nausea levels increase until I violently threw up.  His sobbing was loud in my ears, and it felt like as his body was racked with his own pain, there was some corresponding effect on me.  I can’t say I physically felt his pain, but I certainly felt extremely aware of it.  Finally I finished throwing up, and soon afterwards, he stopped crying.  We both sat there in silence for a while, then lay back down.

I saw two of the group go outside, I got up to follow, eager for some air.  Outside, it was like a group therapy meeting – all six of us were there, sitting in the bright moonlight.  The general consensus, apart from one of the group, who was happily “tripping his nuts off”, was that we all felt pretty damn awful.  Apart from him, we all felt nauseous, restless, tired and  confused – nobody was having a great time here.

We sat there for half an hour or so, then made our way back to our mattresses to try to get some sleep.  As with the previous night, I felt that the experience was finally over, and I soon dropped off to sleep.  I woke next morning feeling emotionally battered, tired, and dreading the thought of the final experience that same night.  I didn’t want to give up without going deeper into myself though, so despite a growing sense of trepidation throughout the day, I knew I needed to complete what I had come here to do.

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  1. Steve BorgesNo Gravatar says:

    Nice! You describe perfectly the insectoids and mechanical nature of the visions I have often and especially with Tierra’s Ayahuasc. The insectoids are the beings that are used to administer healing to the recipient. They are very fast and communicate via telepathy. At least that has been my experience. No words, just thoughts. Love how you described this experience.

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