Ayahuasca ceremony 3

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As I lay on my mat, listening to the shaman blessing the bottle, counting down the minutes until I would have to take my final dose, I found myself gripped by apprehension.  I was dreading swallowing the foul liquid, and sure enough, when my cup came round, my throat instinctively tightened up, and I almost threw the whole lot straight back up again.  I furiously rinsed with water, racing to take away the taste before it took hold of me and nauseated me for the whole night.

The maloka was much darker, as the moon had been obscured by clouds, and the room felt like an ideal canvas for the medicine to present her visions on.  Nonetheless, the effect was slow to start.  The first visions didn’t come until long after the shaman had finished singing.

This time though, they came on strong, in a distinctly Alice in Wonderland style.  I saw a bizarre  geometric animal, with eyes on all sides of it, folding itself down a staircase. It moulded its contours to the angles of the staircase whilst continuously looking at me with one or more eyes.  I followed it down until I reached some kind of a courtyard, where a number of plants were growing as though in a puppet show.

I descended even lower and entered a dark realm where the visions became very indistinct.  I started to feel very sick, scared and panicked, overcome by a sense that something was writhing down there, in conflict with something else trying to catch and envelop it.

I opened my eyes, the maloka was spinning, and I threw up.  For maybe five minutes or so, I was on my hands and knees, mouth straining to open wide, gripped by what felt like some kind of force struggling to be expelled.  The episode felt extremely violent, and when it was finally over, I collapsed back onto my mat, feeling completely drained and exhausted.

I went outside on my own for a while in the early hours, and sat there looking at the sky and the ground, hearing the noise of the birds and the insects.  The sickness had totally gone, and I could barely even taste the ayahuasca.  I went back inside, lay down, and slept calmly until the next morning.

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