About Kerala

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Some information gleaned from people we’ve met on our travels:

  • Kerala has, what is considered to be, one of the best government funded education systems in the country
  • The minimum wage in Kerala is around 500 rupees per day (£3.00 ish).  The local government prides itself that as a result nobody will starve
  • Workers on the coffee plantations between Mysore and Kannur are paid only 100 rupees a day.  For that they also receive free education for their children and a roof over their head.  The problem arises if they fall sick or are injured in which case they lose their jobs, their houses and their children’s education without severance
  • Because of Kerala’s status as a Communist state foreign companies are sometimes loathe to invest in the areas.  As a result there is a shortage of jobs
  • Alcoholism is rife among all sectors of society but is particularly a problem for the unemployed

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