Worth their weight?

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After giving much thought to the packing list for this trip, I eventually crammed 10kg of kit into a 65 litre rucksack. At the end of the India leg, here is a list of the items I’ve found most useful.

Worth their weight

  • Sleeping bag liner – although on the whole the hotel bedding has been of a pretty good quality (what is the recommended number of threads per inch for polyester anyway?)
  • Sarong –  the only cool way to cover up
  • Hat and scarf – because it’s grim up north
  • Laptop – for keeping in touch with friends, family and the Inland Revenue
  • Rough Guide – for navigating from place to place
  • Torch – because the ratio of lights that work to those that don’t is about 1:5 – and that’s when the power is on

Waste of space

  • Umbrella – not a drop of rain since we got here
  • Christmas knickers – well no point making an effort when Stu was bent over the toilet bowl with food poisoning, was there?
  • Paracetamol – less need for these now that we’ve spread our daily London alcohol intake across an entire month
  • Complete Latin American Spanish course – Stu has made some headway with his transformation into ‘Juan’ but I fear ‘Juanita’ may be a long time coming
  • Dive mask – bring on Thailand

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  1. JillNo Gravatar says:

    What no anthisan cream?

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