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Yesterday we arrived in Sukhothai, an ancient kingdom of Thailand which existed from 1238 until 1438.  We arrived after a rather uncomfortable journey on the overnight train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, on which we had to settle for second class fan seats rather than a sleeper carriage, since we’d left it too late to book the latter.

Well, I say “uncomfortable”.  It wasn’t as bad as, say, the “roach coach” from Hampi to Goa – just a little bright, noisy, and with a hard seat.  Still, when we arrived at the lovely Ban Thai Guesthouse at around 08:00, we had a lovely banana pancake and coffee, then settled in to our little fan bungalow (£6 a night – no complaints there) for a few hours’ sleep.  When we woke up, we had a pleasant afternoon reading and updating the blog, then took a stroll around town in the evening before settling in for a pleasant dinner.  The only incongruous element in this otherwise idyllic day was a group of seemingly angry young men on scooters, one of whom had a baseball bat and a bread knife, shouting loudly, revving their scooters, and then zooming off in apparent pursuit of someone, all within about ten feet of us.  For some reason though, this didn’t fill me with the irrational fear of God, as a far less overt display of seemingly intended aggression would have in the UK – travelling must be having a calming effect on me.

Our guesthouse is in the new city, so this morning we hopped on the bus to the old city, where the ruins are.  We hired bikes for the day, and spent the next three hours or so tootling around from one wat (a Buddhist temple or monastery in Thailand or Cambodia) to another, before stopping for some delicious noodles and a coconut shake.

Back in the guesthouse now, and off to stroll round the night markets later. We climbed a few hills today, so I might reward myself with a large Chang too.

Enjoy the photos…

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  1. TNo Gravatar says:

    Am loving reading about your adventures guys – hope to meet up in ‘Godzone’ somewhere!

  2. Steve HNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent photos! Superb seeing you both in Chiang Mai guys, safe travels the rest of the trip. Good luck finding fast enough broadband in Laos to upload more photos.

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